Deep Tissue Massage (Physiurgic Massage)

I am a trained massage therapist from the At Work Skolen in Copenhagen, and specialized in Deep Tissue Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage is a technique that focuses primarily on the deeper layers of the muscles and the fascia. It can also refer to gentle, yet sustained pressure targeting the myofascial layer.

In addition to Deep Tissue Massage, I also offer Wellness and Facial Massage, Myofascial Release (MFR) and Muscle Energy Technique (MET) in my home clinic at Ordrupvej 48 B in Charlottenlund, 5 min. walk from Ordrup St.

30 min 365,-
60 min 525,-
90 min 735,-

3 x 30 min 985,-
5 x 30 min 1585,-

3 x 60 min 1420,-
5 x 60 min 2230,-

3 x 90 min 1985,-
5 x 90 min 3120,-

MobilePay or cash

For booking:  Click here – Tel: 2093 9921

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